Monday, December 24, 2012

Difference between Philosophy & Religion

RELIGION IS EXISTENTIAL, Philosophy is Analytical. Knowledge has to be analytical; it can’t be existential. Knowing has to be existential; it can’t be analytical. If you want to know, forget all about analysis; otherwise, you will come across MUCH knowledge but never will you become a knower. If you want to know a flower, don’t dissect it – otherwise you will destroy it. Be with it, in absolute quietness, with a throbbing, loving heart. Breathe it in, dance around it, sing a song, or be silent!

Play upon a guitar, or on a flute. These are the ways to become friendly to the flower. When you are playing on a flute, the flower starts leaning towards you, the flower becomes open. He understands... a friend has come. He knows when the cuckoo calls, he knows when a peacock dances – he will know you too if you sing a song or play on the flute or dance a dance around it. Those are the languages he understands. Or SILENCE he understands – the silence of the stars and the earth..

Just be silently with the flower! Or let tears flow, let your tears drop on the flower. He understands that language too. When it rains and it has a contact with the clouds.... But be existential, don’t be analytical  and the flower will release its secrets to you. "


  1. What has Jainism got to say about ethical issues? For example euthanasia or abortion?
    Also if you are in control of two lives but can only save one which do you save? The one who is already living or the one who is not yet born?

    1. In short, the omniscient have declared that ‘whatever happens is justice’. Further, he explains how. To give your answer, we should go through the Karma Theory as well as the principle of Syadvada. If someone is suffering then his/her suffering, according to Jainism is due to his/her karma. If the person dies from Euthanasia then it was pre-destined. Jainism doesn’t say anything whether to kill that person by Euthanasia or not. Same thing can be considered for your another question. Whatever will happen happens. The doctors etc are the instrumental causes. Upon asked, is it right letting someone die if he/she is suffering and wants to die? If it is the emergence of karma and his/her death is destined by such method then it will happen. If more suffering is destined for the person then won’t happen. So there are many reasons behind any happening and we should consider all reasons from the help of Anekantvada.

      From Syadvada we can answer your question in the following way…

      Is it right letting someone die if he/she is suffering and wants to die?

      In some ways it is
      In some ways it is not
      In some ways it is as well as it is not
      In some ways it is impossible to say
      In some ways it is and it is impossible to say
      In some ways it is not and it is impossible to say
      In some way it is, it is not and it is impossible to say

  2. Just be silently with the flower(ultimate truth ?)

    1. well, just be in tune with the self, the basic attributes of the soul. The basic attributes are knowing, perceiving, bliss and power. So just be the gyata-drashta (knower-seer) is called saadhna and karma eradication. The real sadhaka is the knower-seer of destiny.. thus he remains free from incoming fresh karmic atoms and thus eradicates previously acquired karma as well.

    2. Pranam.. b4 reaching gyata dhrasta stage do you even know when does a soul reaches this stage? You say it so easily..

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