Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The inspiring story of monk Chand Rudracharya is very popular in the Jain history. Here I have written the story in the biography form.

My name was Rudracharya. But I was very well known as Chand Rudracharya. Do you know why? Because of my angry nature. My nature was very angry that my disciples called me Chand Rudracharya. Chand means “The Angry One”. I could not control my mind and that was my biggest fault. Whenever I see my disciples are making fun or not concentrating in meditation I immediately lost my mind and shouted at them. I realized that in order to attain omniscience one has to conquer his inner passions like anger, greed, deceit and pride but as I said, it was my biggest minus point to control my anger. I was seeking peace but I wasn’t able to diminish my anger. That’s why one day I decided to stay away from my colleague monks and people. Here I got lucky that an event occurred in which I attained permanent bliss.

It was evening time and I was meditating outside village. Then some youths who had set out for fun arrived at me. One young man of them was looking recently married by his dress. These youths, out of mischief, wanted to play some joke on me. Pointing at the newly married boy, other youths said in a jocular tone to me, “Oh monk! This young boy wants to renounce the world! Please grant him initiation!” By hearing this, I realized that they were making fun, so I decided to remain silent. The young boy also said, “Oh monk! Please grant me initiation! I don’t want to lead a mundane life!” I became angry and said loudly, “Who wants to take initiation? Come close to me.” His friends pushed that boy toward me. I quickly hold that boy and started pulled out his hair. On seeing this, the other youths ran away; but that youth did not budge an inch. I think his mind was changed and I initiated him on that spot. After becoming a monk, he said, “Oh monk! Soon my relatives would arrive here. It would be better if we left this place before dark.” I said, “Well! You are right, then go and find the way so we can start the journey.”

The young monk found the suitable way. But it got dark when we started our journey. The path was uneven, strewn with thorns all the way. I got too many jerks that my temper burst out! I said to the young monk, “You fool! Haven’t you seen the way? I told you to find the way but you have chosen the path which is full of bumps and stones. It gives me too much difficulty in walking.” The young monk said, “Oh Monk! It is my fault. Let me carry you on my shoulders. I hope you won’t feel difficulties resting on my shoulders.” He carried me on his shoulders but the path was not plain so I was feeling jerks and my mind once again lost balance. I again shouted on my disciple, “You wretch! Don’t you know how to walk? You can’t walk properly in the way; tell me how would you be able to live a life of a monk? How would you bear hardships in your future?”

Actually I had lost my mind’s balance, because an angry man doesn’t think longer. I forgot that my disciple was walking through uneven path under pitch darkness. He was also carrying me on his shoulders. His feet were bruised with blisters and stained with blood. But I was also in darkness, the darkness of anger! I started hitting him on his head with the stick I was holding in my hand. I said him, “Whenever I will feel bump, I will hit you with this stick. The young monk was in extremely difficult condition. But instead of getting angry on me he started thinking, “How unlucky I am? I cannot give peace to my head monk. He is old in age and he is facing too much problems because of me. Consequent upon his deep repentance, his thinking was purified and soon he attained omniscience. Now he could walk properly even in pitch darkness. I asked him, "How is that? How can you walk so steady now?" The disciple said, “Oh Monk! It is your blessings!” His voice was very calm and sweet. I couldn’t understand what the reason was! I again asked, “Have you gained some spiritual knowledge?” He again said, “Yes Monk! It is your blessings!” I got freeze! I asked him to confirm, “What type of knowledge you have gained?” He said, “I have gained omniscience!”

On hearing this, I quickly jumped off his shoulders and fell at his feet. I started confess in my mind…… “Oh! I insulted an omniscient by hitting him on his head. How great he is! He doesn’t know Jain philosophy; he jokingly got initiated this evening and married this morning! What a power of forgiveness! Just by forgiving me he attained omniscience! On the other hand how fool I am? I know all the scriptures, I am head of too many disciples, and however I am too far from reality! Just because of my angry nature, I remained too far from omniscience! When would the moment come when I will also attain omniscience? When would I get rid of my inner passions? On confessing this I burnt karmas and soon my thoughts also vanished. I then reached beyond mind. My joy was increasing and increasing! How was this joy? There are no words to describe this joy; there are no imaginations that can reach at this level! I reached on the level where no words, thoughts, imaginations can reach! I felt that I was climbing some ladder which was ending to emancipation. Suddenly something unfolded inside me and I became omniscient. The whole universe reflected inside me! I knew all the feelings of every form of living beings in the entire universe! I gained complete knowledge of past, present and future.

I became omniscient is not important. My disciple became omniscient before me is most important and he gifted me omniscience, that is important. He taught me how to overcome your inner passions and how great is the power of forgiveness!

-Rahul Zota (Bhuj-India)

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