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Queen Padmavati saw a dream of an angel’s plane when the pious soul descended in her womb. She did religious activities during her pregnancy. One day she gave birth to a healthy boy and he was named Prithvi Chandra. The prince was detached and remained tranquil since his childhood. There was neither smile nor misery on his face. However he was expert in learning new things he took less time to learn everything. Actually he had purified his soul to a great extent since his past 11 births (21 total, out of which 10 was as a celestial being). Soon he became young and handsome prince. But his father was worried about his son’s detached nature. He convinced his son for marriage and eventually Prithvi Chandra got married with many girls including Princess Lalit Sundari. But he still remained detached and he kept his mind steady. He didn’t even attract towards his wives. Ever since he was a boy he had decided to take renunciation and convert his wives for the true path of liberation. He mentally thought this human incarnation is not for indulging in worldly pleasures but it is for attaining the state of eternal bliss by attaining liberation.

One day the king asked his son to accept the throne and allow him to take renunciation. The prince became worried and thought that I want to take renunciation but my father is asking me to accept the throne instead. I am not interested to indulging in the worldly matters. When I would fulfill my dream? However he accepted his father’s proposal. Finally he accepted the throne. One day a person named Sudhan came in his kingdom. The king Prithvi Chandra asked him,” from where are you coming? Is there any news from your place? The person replied,” Oh king! I am coming from Hastinapur, recently we have a strange event happened there!” Then he began to tell the story to the King.

“In our town, there is a person named Ratnasanchaya. His wife’s name is Sumangala. She gave birth to a son named Guna Sagar. She dreamed an ocean before giving birth to a son. The boy grew up and become a handsome boy. Now he has reached at his youth. One day eight girls were impressed by his beauty when he was passing through a street. One day Guna Sagar was sitting in his palace’s balcony and he saw a monk. He immediately dwelt deep into himself and thought that he has seen a person like this before. He remembered his childhood days but couldn’t get anything. He continued to thinking and he attained telepathy. Thus he acquired memories of his past births. He could see in his knowledge that he had taken renunciation in his past births. His heart filled with detachment. He quickly went to his parents and asked their permission for taking renunciation. He said the mundane lives are full of misery and sorrow, I want to reach to a state full and utmost happiness and that is liberation. His parents tried to convince him and said,” Oh son! You are still young and you haven’t enjoyed the worldly pleasures yet. This is not right time for you to accept monkhood. You can do this later.” Finally they converted him for marriage with eight girls. Guna Sagar had a condition that he would take renunciation on the second day after marriage. His parents accepted this and thought he would change his decision after marriage. Finally the day of his marriage approached. When Guna Sagar was sitting before the girls and the marriage ceremony started. He was again dwelt deep into his self and starts thinking that I would fall in the deep ocean of the never ending cycle of birth and death if I marry these girls and enjoy the worldly life. Then he thought,” No! I will take renunciation tomorrow and then I will observe strict austerities and finally I will make my soul free forever like a bird becomes free from a cage. Ah! From tomorrow the right time will begin for me! I will destroy all the karmas attached to my soul. I will remain attached with my soul!.”

While thinking this Guna Sagar attained enlightenment during marriage. By seeing this eight girls also filled with supreme non-attachment and they also attained enlightenment on that moment. The parents of Guna Sagar thought that their son was born to attain God hood and to become an Arihant. They were trying to convert his mind but they couldn’t. They started to hate their self as they became obstacle for their son. While thinking this also their parents attained enlightenment. The marriage arena now turned into a divine arena. Then the omniscient Guna Sagar gave sermon on the subject of his previous 21 births and said how one can purify his soul and reach the final state of an Arihant.”

By hearing all these from Sudhan, King Prithvi Chandra acquired telepathy, the memory of his previous lives. He thought, “Despite of knowing the true nature of mundane life, I got married and delayed my true purpose of this birth. How unlucky I am! Guna Sagar is really great who attained omniscience during marriage. On the other hand I am getting deeper in the ocean of birth and death. When I would attain salvation? When I would become Arihant?” By thinking this the King Prithvi Chandra also attained enlightenment while sitting on the throne of his palace! Then he gave sermon and resolved his previous births to the listeners. He said, “Me and Guna Sagar have been taking births together since 21 births as a husband and wife, friends and cousins”. Then he explained the bad results of indulging in worldly matters. Many of the listeners took various vows by hearing his discourse. After that Arihant Prithvi Chandra and Guna Sagar became an idol for many people to attain omniscience.
-Rahul Zota (Bhuj-Gujarat)

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